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Vaginal Tightening

Cosmetic gynaecology, also known as vaginal reshaping and tightening surgery and vaginoplasty, is becoming more and more popular in recent times, particularly for women who have recently given birth and find that the appearance of their genitalia has changed. This type of surgery is far more widely accepted nowadays, therefore more women than ever are realising that they can change the way their labia and surrounding vaginal tissue look, with the help of vaginoplasty. If you have concerns regarding the appearance of your genitalia, or this is the cause of some embarrassment or discomfort, please contact us to arrange a consultation with Mr Pakarian. Naturally when ageing combined with having children, this is normally the cause of altering how the female genitalia looks and feels. Mr Pakarian is seeing many patients on a day to day basis, who wish to undergo various types of vaginal cosmetic surgery, please do not feel you are the first...

Repair Prolapse

Vaginoplasty - the tightening of loose vaginal tissue usually occurring after child birth. This can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and can even lead to sexual dissatisfaction. The stretched muscle at the back of the vagina is joined together and shortened with dissolvable stitches, and the unwanted skin is removed. This may be carried out under local or general anaesthesia.


Other procedures include:

Anterior colporrhaphy - Repair of prolapse in the front wall of the vagina


Posterior colporrhaphy - Repair of prolapse in the back wall of the vagina


Refashioning of poorly healed perineal scar from birth trauma Repair of recurrent prolapse


Treatment of the complications of vaginal prolapse repair with synthetic mesh. 


Labial Reduction Surgery (Vaginal Reshaping)

The labia minora are the inner lips of the vagina. They come in many shapes and sizes, all women are different. If you're feeling uncomfortable with the size or shape of your labia, then labial reduction surgery could help. Your labia may be causing you some discomfort during day to day activities such as walking, cycling or during sexual intercourse. It may be that the appearance makes you feel unhappy or embarrassed. Whether you have always felt this way, or just in recent times for example with age or after giving birth. This type of surgery could help you overcome any such problems.


About The Labial Reduction Surgery Procedure

The term 'Labial Reduction' is used to describe various surgical procedures all of which reduce the size and prominence of the labia. Any incisions that are made are carefully located to help prevent painful scarring along the rim of the labia, and heal with the use of dissolving stitches. This operation usually takes between one and two hours, and often can be performed under local anaesthetic. This means that you will be awake for the procedure, however the area will be completely numb. Sometimes, labial reduction is also performed under general anaesthetic, which means you are asleep during the procedure. Labial reduction is usually carried out as a day patient, with no need to stay overnight in hospital. Soreness and swelling is to be expected for a few days after the operation. It is also advised you take some time off work to rest and recover.

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