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What's involved in a Fetal wellbeing / Growth Scan


This is the routine scan performed with the transducer placed on the maternal abdomen and takes around 20 minutes. You do not need a full bladder. During the scan we take a look at a number of areas, these include:


Measuring the baby's head, abdomen and thigh bone. These measurements are plotted on a chart giving an estimation of the baby's growth and weight.


Assessing the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby. The amount of amniotic fluid around the baby will give an indication of fetal wellbeing.


The baby's position i.e. whether it is head down (cephalic) rather than head up (breech).


Measuring the blood flow in the umbilical cord using Doppler ultrasound.  


Recording the position of the placenta. This ensures that the placenta is not covering the exit of the uterus and hence affecting normal vaginal delivery. 




The results will be available on the day and if there are concerns regarding the findings of this scan, you will have the opportunity to discuss these and their implications.

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